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High quality wooden pellets of acacia, beech, oak and pine wood. Suitable for industrial and domestic use. Convenient storage and transport packing according to customer needs. Effective ecological fuel of high calorific value, low ash content, a good alternative for heating.

Pellet information

Wood pellets are a type of wood fuel, sometimes made from compacted sawdust or other wastes from sawmilling and other wood products manufacture, but also commonly from controversial sources such as whole-tree removal or tree tops and branches leftover after logging and which otherwise help replenish soil nutrients. Pellets are manufactured in several types and grades as fuels for electric power plants, homes, and other applications in between. Pellets are extremely dense and can be produced with a low moisture content (below 10%) that allows them to be burned with a very high combustion efficiency.

Further, their regular geometry and small size allow automatic feeding with very fine calibration. They can be fed to a burner by auger feeding or by pneumatic conveying. Their high density also permits compact storage and rational transport over long distance. They can be conveniently blown from a tanker to a storage bunker or silo on a customer's premises.

Technical caracteristics

Pellets produced by Forinvest Ltd are of high quality.
They are tested in an internationally recognized accredited laboratory according to standard DIN 51731.
Packing : Bags of 15 kg.
The table shows the main technical characteristics of the measurement.

Indicator Unite Test results Norms acc.
DIN 51731
Moisture content % 5.88 < 12
Ash % 0.07 < 1.5
Sulfur % 0.02 < 0.08
Calorific value kj/kg 19151 17500 - 19500