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Operational Programme "Competitiveness of Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013" is one of the seven operational programs to be financed by the Structural Funds of the European Union after the accession of Bulgaria to the EU. The program will be funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the national budget. The total amount of public funds under the program will be around 1.1 billion euros.
The Operational Programme contains strategic priorities and guidelines for the development of Bulgarian economy after its accession to the European Union.  It addresses the key issues and barriers to economic development and provides for measures and activities to help overcome them and successfully meet the challenges of the common market and develop the strengths of our economy, through which Bulgaria will become in an equal member of the European Union.
The overall objective of the OP "Competitiveness" is the development of a dynamic economy, competitive at the global market. To achieve this goal will be driven knowledge economy and innovation, development of competitive enterprises, increasing investment and exports and creating a favorable business environment .
OP "Competitiveness of Bulgarian Economy" 2007 -2013 was approved by the European Commission on 08/27/2007 .

Project: Improving the competitiveness of Forinvest Ltd. through investment support for expansion and optimization of production. Grant Contract 2TMM-02-151/18.02.2011

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