About us

FORINVEST Ltd was established in 2005 as a company for processing and production of timber and wood products. Purchased its own production base in the town Opaka, municipality Targoviste, with enclosed area of ​​22,170 sq.m and building area 2800 square meters. The company has a warehouse, processing plants, dryers for timber, production line for wooden pellets and timber.
In the beginning mainly produces stakes of acacia wood for vineyards .
In 2011 introduces two new productions financed by the European Development Fund for increasing the competitiveness of SMEs.
- Line for production of wood pellets with a capacity of 1 tonne / hour. 
 - Line for production of pallets and wooden materials with capacity up to 25 lin.m / minute.

Now Forinvest Ltd provides manufacturing operations in several key areas:
- Stakes  of acacia for vineyards.
- High quality wooden pellets of pine, beech, oak and acacia.
Wooden materials of coniferous and deciduous wood for construction, furniture industry and others.
- Pallets, europallets and pallet parts.
Forinvst Ltd sells its production on the Bulgarian market and in many European countries - Italy, Greece, France.
Success of the company due to better product quality, highly qualified staff and upgrading of production facilities with new machines and equipment.